How would you define your working style?

Mindful: a wedding day is an important day for all the people involved, and we are no exception. We work keeping in our mind that the most important thing is for you to be able to live and enjoy the moment, while we take care of the photography: we need you to be able to create the wonderful memories we’ll have the privilege to take pictures of.

Will you make us pose?

There are moments in which is best to let the moment unfold the way it spontaneously does, and moments in which a gentle direction is useful and actually comforting: we know the difference and while we definitely won’t make you pose if the situation doesn’t require it, we’ll be there to put our expertise in composition at your service, if needed.

Is there a minimum/maximum size of event you would consider to take a picture at?

Absolutely not. Anna works alone or creates a bespoke team accordingly to the size of the event and the needs of her clients: she has been working for elopement where she was the only witness (even legally speaking!) to weddings with hundreds of guests. Contact her for a custom estimate at

How many photographers should I consider?

In case you’re having a reception with over 120 guests, a second shooter is recommended. Sometimes, it could be sensible to consider 3 or even 4 photographers, but it really depends on the size and the agenda of the event. If your event has less than 100 guests you could definitely consider a single photographer.

Do you travel for weddings? How do you handle travel?

Anna is based in London but used to travel worldwide: she travels regularly all over Europe and her work has brought her as far as Jamaica and Canada. More, she has a real passion for travelling, so definitely don’t hesitate to share your plans! Travel fees are given as all inclusive, so you won’t have to worry about any details of our travelling logistics.

How long will you be available on the day?

Wedding coverage starts at 6 hours and goes up to any bespoke quantity needed.

When will we see our pictures?

The average delivery time is between 8 and 12 weeks after the wedding day. Bianco’s images come from both our shooting and editing style, we take our time to be sure to give you the best possible result.

What is the best way to enquire?

Definitely via email: